Course Descriptions

Beginning Jewelry Fabrication 1:

Learn the basic skills in sawing, soldering, piercing, filing, forming, texturing, annealing, and polishing and metal in this workshop. Technical vocabulary, tool and equipment use and shop safety is taught. Students learn the properties of metals such as copper, brass and sterling silver. This is a beginners class for those who have never taken any jewelry instruction and for those who have had some experience and wish to further their skills.

Beginning Jewelry Fabrication 2:

In this continuation of BJF1, learn more comprehensive skills in basic fabrication such as disk cutting and doming as well as an introduction to stone setting and making a bezel.


Wax Carving and Introduction to Casting:

Learn to create a wax model by layout, carving, sawing and wax build-up. An introduction to casting includes making a plaster mold, burn out and casting in sterling silver.


"Copper is one of the most important metals mentioned by ancient historians. It was known before the time of Tubal Cain, who was an educator in its works as well as brass and iron. Historians say that Cadmus discovered it and taught its application to his countrymen. It was noticed on the island of Euboea, near the city of Chalcis and this may be why the Grecian's called it 'chalcos', which is the name that Homer and other authors called it. The Romans knew copper as 'aes cyprum' and 'cyprum', names from the island of Cyprus, where some believe the art of working it was discovered. In the mystic nomenclature of alchemists, copper is known as Venus, the sacred goddess of Cyprus." We will start with a square of copper, and then circle the square to begin the process of rising the copper in to a vessel or bowl. This project is difficult yet rewarding and fun, we learn through the experience with copper that rhythm does indeed replace power.- Keith Gelber, Instructor

Stone Setting 101-

Learn the basic skills of stone setting, including bezel settings in this three day class. 

Soldering 101-

Learn the basics of silver soldering in this three day class. 

Intro to Chasing: Art of the Chisel-

This is a two day workshop designed to help folks brush up or become acquainted with chasing. If your chisels have been neglected for 20 years and you've been looking for an excuse to dust them off, or if you just want to try your hand at some freehand chisel work, then this course is for you. We’ll be focusing on the fundamentals of chisel technique, hammer control, pitch management, and how to use design to compliment our medium. Our project is a chisel holder or a simple cuff. The design will be your choice and after we chase the design we’ll go through how to shape a piece without damaging it! Turning your work into something you can carry with you or display proudly at your bench. **This course is short and comprehensive. Join us for some creativity and laughs, brighten your world with your own good works. ** All tooling provided. **All materials provided.  


Future Offerings:

Chasing and Repousse in Jewelry

Creative Forms in Metal