Scholarships Available

The Larry Van Craeynest Goldsmiths Apprentice Scholarship

MAA is proud to offer two $1000 scholarships a year (once in the Spring and once in the Fall) to applicants of the

Goldsmiths Apprentice Program in honor of Larry Van Craeynest. All donations to this program will go directly to students to use for tuition, accommodation and travel expenses to attend the program. To donate, please use the button below. To apply, please send an email to

The Larry Van Craeynest "Master Your Craft" Scholarship

2 $500 Scholarships Available a Year

Through we have created this scholarship to allow anyone in the US to continue to learn skills in jewelry training, woodworking and the metal arts. They may study anywhere in the world using these funds. All donations to this fund will go to the students to use for tuition, materials, housing and travel expenses. To donate or to apply for the scholarship, please use the button below.

Jewelry and Metal Arts Classes


**Minimum of 2 students to hold a class.

**Maximum of 4 students in each class due to Covid. 

Michael R. Kosinski, Instructor


Goldsmiths Apprentice Program     $7400

In this intensive 11 week program students are immersed in the techniques of fine jewelry fabrication.
For more information and to apply, contact the office at


During this comprehensive program, equip yourself with the skills needed to enhance your techniques or if you are a beginner, start your journey in the jewelry trade.

This program is designed to train the student as an apprentice, as it was throughout history when apprentices were taught the age-old practice of repetition to develop and master a skill while working under a master craftsperson.

Topics covered in the program include
Fabrication/Metal Work, Stone Setting, Tool Making, Repair, Craftmenship, Sketching/Design

Additional costs not included in Tuition: Tool Kit Fee

Spring      2021

Classes from March 15th- June 4th, 2021


THURSDAY LAB DAY              10AM-4PM


NO CLASSES March 29-April 4 for Easter and May 31st for Memorial Day


Fall 2021

Classes from Sept 7th-Nov 19th, 2021


THURSDAY LAB DAY            10AM-4PM



Beginning Jewelry Fabrication 1        $375           3 Days

In this 3 day workshop, learn the basic skills of jewelry fabrication including sawpiercing, soldering, filing, forming, texturing, annealing, and polishing. Technical vocabulary, tool and equipment use and shop safety is taught. Students learn the properties of metals such as copper, brass and sterling silver. This is a beginners class for those who have never had any jewelry instructions and for those who have had some experience and want to further their skills.

*Materials and use of tools included*

9AM - 5PM                                                           

April 24, May 1, 8              (SATURDAYS)              

July 3, 10, 17                     (SATURDAYS)       


Beginning Jewelry Fabrication 2               $475               4 Days

In this 4 day continuation of BJF1, learn more comprehensive skills in basic fabrication such as disk cutting and doming, then piercing out the piece, as well as an introduction to stone setting and making a bezel. The skill of fabricating and filing a half round ring is also taught.

Prerequisite: BFJ1 or equivalent experience with sawpiercing and silver soldering.

*Materials and use of tools included*


March 9-12th                              

May 29, June 5, 19, 26, 2021  (SATURDAYS)        

Wax Carving and Introduction to Casting              $600             4 Days

In this 4 day workshop, learn to create a wax model by layout, carving, sawing and wax build-up. An introduction to casting includes making a plaster mold, burn out and casting in sterling silver.

Prerequisite: BFJ1 or equivalent experience with sawpiercing and silver soldering.

*Materials and use of tools included*


August 30-Sept 2                    


Stone Setting 1                    $475             4 Days

Learn the basic skills of stone setting, including prong, flush and bezel setting with round, faceted and cabochon stones in this 4 day class. 

Prerequisite: BFJ1 and BJF2 or equivalent experience with sawpiercing and silver soldering.

*Materials and use of tools included


March 20, 27, April 10, 17 (SATURDAYS)               * NO CLASS APRIL 3 DUE TO EASTER   

June 28-July 1                                 


Stone Setting 2              $475                    4 Days

Prerequisite: BJF1 and 2 and Stone Setting 1 or equivalent experience.

Continue to learn new skills in setting prong set square stones and channel round stones in this 4 day class.

*Materials and use of tools included


July 5-8                

Introduction to Bead Setting $525 + $60 Tool Kit 4 Days

Introduction to Bead Setting including how to shape and sharpen your graver, stone layout, setting in a flat plate, setting in a ring, and finish work.

*Tuition is $525 for the class plus there is a $60 Tool Kit. Kit Includes 6 gravers, 6 handles and a beading tool.

Prerequisite: Stone Setting 1 or 2 or equivalent experience.


March 1-4

Soldering 101                $275            3 Days

Learn the basics of silver soldering in this three day intensive class. Tackle and learn how to solve different soldering

situations that may arise. Learn how to solder wire to wire, end to end, wire to plate, sweat soldering, etc. Instruction of when and why to use different solder is covered with practical soldering knowledge and technique being the focus. Silver soldering, using propane/oxygen torches.

*Materials and use of tools included


Feb 9, 11-12                              


 Guest Teacher Classes

Wednesday Workshop Craft Series-Amber Lidskin, instructor        $50   2.5 hours

"Earrings, Bracelets, Pendants"

This 2.5 hour craft class series introduces the student to some basic skills in craft jewelry fabrication such as cutting, forming, filing, texturing, making earring wire, forging bracelets, hammering, stamping and using a foredom flexshaft to do clean up and polishing. All materials are included, metals used are copper and brass. There is an additional cost of $10 to use Sterling Silver. Everyone will leave with a completed project, this class focusing on earrings, bracelets or pendants. Please check the schedule for specific project dates.

 *minimum of 2 students needed to hold class 

**Due to Covid, we are postponing these classes until 2021.

  SATURDAYS      10am-12:30pm     Earrings/Pendant

  SATURDAYS      1:30pm-3pm     Bracelets

Coppersmithing with Keith Gelber       $150              An 8 hour workshop, one full day

"Copper is one of the most important metals mentioned by ancient historians. It was known before the time of Tubal Cain, who was an educator in its works as well as brass and iron. Historians say that Cadmus discovered it and taught its application to his countrymen. It was noticed on the island of Euboea, near the city of Chalcis and this may be why the Grecian's called it 'chalcos', which is the name that Homer and other authors called it. The Romans knew copper as 'aes cyprum' and 'cyprum', names from the island of Cyprus, where some believe the art of working it was discovered. In the mystic nomenclature of alchemists, copper is known as Venus, the sacred goddess of Cyprus." We will start with a square of copper, and then circle the square to begin the process of raising the copper into a vessel or bowl. This project is difficult yet rewarding and fun, we learn through the experience with copper that rhythm does indeed replace power.- Keith Gelber, Instructor


March 13, 2021   

June/July  2021       Kids Coppersmithing Summer Camps available

Sept 18, 2021   

Dec 4, 2021      

Douglas Pryor Workshops at

Metal Arts Academy

Chasing Chisel Workshop: Make All the Chisels      $450       2 Days

An artist must know how to make their own tools, eventually you will challenge yourself to a project where the tools you have are not enough.

That's what we are focusing on in this 2 day course.
All those strange and difficult chisels, all the weird specific shapes that you need for custom jobs.In this chisel making class we will be pouring over tool making strategy for one purpose and one purpose only:
to remove the barrier of tooling making so you can make the art you want to make.
Make as many chisels as you can in 2 days with the guidance and recommendations of professional chasing artist Douglas Pryor.Tool info:
All tooling provided: Hand files, sharpening stones, optivisors, hand vices, and spring steel all provided.Spring steel stock from 1/8th-1/2 inch will be available to work with. Chisel lengths will be pre-cut to 4-5inch lengths so we can spend our valuable time making the tools not the bar stock.We will be using square and round stock for the chisels. Steel of W1 and O1 will be used for this chisel making jamboree.

Intro to Chasing: Art of the Chisel              $350         2 Days 

An excerpt from Dougs website:

This is a two day workshop designed to help folks brush up or become acquainted with chasing. If your chisels have been neglected for 20 years and you've been looking for an excuse to dust them off, or if you just want to try your hand at some freehand chisel work, then this course is for you. We’ll be focusing on the fundamentals of chisel technique, hammer control, pitch management, and how to use design to compliment our medium. Our project is a chisel holder or a simple cuff. The design will be your choice and after we chase the design we’ll go through how to shape a piece without damaging it! Turning your work into something you can carry with you or display proudly at your bench. **This course is short and comprehensive. Join us for some creativity and laughs, brighten your world with your own good works. ** All tooling provided. **All materials provided.  





Tool Embellishment                 $350      2   days 

The Tool Embellishment Workshop should be a lot of fun, we're going to chase on tools of all kinds (they will need to be annealed though). This will entail a combination of cutting and chasing chisels.

If you’ve been waiting to work with chisels that cut before moving over to finishing work this will be a great fit for you.

You will need a tool you want to add detail too. It's better if you forged the tool yourself so that you understand what you are working with more completely. You will need to bring to tool annealed. It will be easier to chase on if the area you intend to chase is already flat and smooth. Pitted surfaces can make a challenging surface to cut with chisels, it can also hide small bits of slag or carbon from forging that can damage a cutting chisel. So making sure your surface is prepared properly is paramount.

The tool could be a hammer, a larger chisel, tongs, a pair of dividers, you name it. As long as it can be held by a pitch bowl we should be able to trick it out.

Let’s make the things we use everyday bring ourselves more joy and irresistible to touch!

If you would like to attend but cannot forge your own tool and don’t have what you need to anneal a tool properly please let me know. I will prepare a few extra options for those who don’t have a forging background but still wish to cut and chase on some tooling.




Vessels                    $350     2 days

Vessels are a universally human need, the diversity of construction and use of vessels are almost limitless. A particular professional interest of mine has always been vessels and how they were made. Particularly vessels made from a single piece of material, and that is what we are tackling in this class.

How to raise a vessel from a single piece of metal using traditional hammering techniques.We will cover vessel design, purpose, and decoration. However the focus of the course is specifically the efficient hammering technique and understanding the game of leverage needed to raise a vessel over shaping stakes. This is not sinking or dishing but true exploration of vessel construction over raising stakes.  

March 6-7, 2021           

Kids Camps for 2021

Kids Coppersmithing-  *sign up with ARD (Auburn Rec Department)

Offered for students 10-18 years, this 4 day, 3 hour a day class begins with a square of copper which is raised into a vessel, all while learning to use tools and exploring the rhythm of the metal. Ladels and spoons are next in this fun and loud workshop. The students will leave with new skills and their finished work which they can proudly use and display. Ear protection is provided.

*Materials and use of tools included       $225

June 21-24, 2021      9am-12pm     or     1pm-4pm   

Kids Jewelry Fabrication- *sign up with ARD (Auburn Rec Department)

Offered for students 12-18 years, this 4 day, 3 hour a day class teaches the basics of jewelry fabrication including sawpiercing, soldering, filing, forming, texturing, and polishing. The students will create one or two pieces of jewelry to take with them and in the process learn some time honored skills in the craft of jewelry making.

*Materials and use of tools included       $225

July 12-15, 2021            9am-12pm      or       1pm-4pm     



Future Offerings:

Chasing and Repousse in Jewelry

Creative Forms in Metal