Goldsmiths Apprentice Program

To reserve a spot in the program….
Deposit: $250

Paid in Full per Session: $2250


FRIDAY LAB        10AM-2PM

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In this intensive program students are immersed in the techniques of fine jewelry fabrication.
For more information and to apply, contact the office at

During this comprehensive program, equip yourself with the skills needed to enhance your techniques or if you are a beginner, start your journey in the jewelry trade.

This program is designed to train the student as an apprentice, as it was throughout history when apprentices were taught the age-old practice of repetition to develop and master a skill while working under a master craftsperson.

Topics covered in the program include
Fabrication/Metal Work, Stone Setting, Tool Making, Repair, Craftsmanship, Sketching/Design

To schedule an appointment with the instructor, contact the office at

*Please see special Refund Policy for GAP on the Cancellation/Refund Page
Tool Kit Required from Otto Frei (approximately $400)
Monday-Thursday Instruction Days 9am-4pm
Friday Lab Day 10am-2pm

July 15 – August 2
Sept 23 – Oct 11
Nov 4 – Nov 22
Dec 2 – Dec 20
Jan 13 – 31

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Deposit: $250

Paid in Full