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Come and join us for Intro to Chasing: Art of the Chisel with Douglas Pryor

   Saturday + Sunday, January 29 + 30, 2022

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Goldsmiths Apprentice Program 

Fall   2021        Sept 7th-Nov 19th


Goldsmiths Apprentice Program Evening Session

2021-2022      Sept 7th-May 19th


Goldsmiths Apprentice Program

Spring 2022     March 15th-June 2nd


Goldsmiths Apprentice Program

Winter 2022-2023   Nov 1st-Feb 3rd


Goldsmiths Apprentice Program Evening Session

2022-2023     Nov 1st-July 27th


During this comprehensive program, equip yourself with the skills needed to enhance your techniques or if you are a beginner, start your journey in the jewelry trade.

This program is designed to train the student as an apprentice, as it was throughout history when apprentices were taught the age-old practice of repetition to develop and master a skill while working under a master craftsperson.

Scholarships and payment plans available.

For more information and to apply, go to our Register for Class page



Larry Van Craeynest Goldsmiths Apprentice and the "Master Your Craft" Scholarships Announced

IMG_7424 3 copy

The above photo was taken in 1982 or 83 at Van Craeynest, Inc. in San Francisco. This is where I apprenticed for 6 years under Larry Van Craeynest. Larry passed away on January 15th. He was my teacher, my mentor and my friend. When I began my apprenticeship at Van Craeynest, Inc., I was 18 years old. I studied under Larry and so many other talented craftsmen at that factory. My days started an hour before everyone arrived when I would prep the shop for the day, it was my job to warm up the die ball for the die cutter, and my days ended an hour after everyone left. I would mop and sweep and make sure the shop was just so for everyone for the next day. I would spend the first few weeks of my apprenticeship just watching. As per Larrys instruction, I would sit next to each craftsman and study….then I would practice what I had witnessed. When I had become proficient, Larry would have me move on to the next skill, all the while practicing. Repeating the skills until they were in my body and my brain. This went on for years and years.  Larry and all of the talented craftsmen that I learned under shaped who I am as an artist. It is an immense loss to the craft of handmade jewelry to loose Larry who was such a dedicated teacher and skilled craftsman, not only in jewelry fabrication but in woodworking and tool and die making.

The craft of handmade jewelry is such a gift. I am thankful for the training that I received as an apprentice. In the photo above, I am on the far left, Larry is the one looking to the side, and each one of us are there because of him. We were all there to do our part in the process of jewelry fabrication. It was a golden age. 

We have created two scholarships in Larrys name. One is through Bold.org to honor the craft of handmade jewelry, woodworking and the metal arts. This scholarship is available for anyone looking to further their skills in these crafts anywhere in the world. For more information, to apply or to donate to this scholarship, please see our Classes page. 

Here at MAA, we offer a scholarship to study here as an apprentice, just as I did with Larry. The Goldsmiths Apprentice Program is our way of keeping the traditions and skills alive and in the hands of jewelers. To apply for the Goldsmiths Apprentice Program, or to donate to the scholarship,  please see our Classes page.

I will miss Larry dearly but in his honor, I will continue to reach to the past and teach for the future.


Michael R Kosinski


How long does it take to master your craft? 60,000 Hours. Below, find a fascinating documentary on the Japanese Takumi, the master craftsmen and women who have devoted 60,000 hours + to their craft.


Photo of Aidan Breen and Michael in Ireland. Learn more about this wonderful artist at

How do you add value to your everyday life? Do you create? Do you harvest? Do you render? Do you build? Share your handmade story, let us all create a dialogue for a handmade future.

Student Gallery

Photos of students working and photos of their work created during workshops and classes.


Chasing and Repousse, Douglas Pryor
Chasing and Repousse, Douglas Pryor
Jewelry Instructor, Michael R. Kosinski
Keith Gelber, Coppersmithing