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MAY 21-23



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From Douglas Pryors Website:

Raising is one of the keys to opening many doors for deeper relief in sheet metal sculpture. Whether you’re making teapots or battle armour it is still nearly unrivaled for providing a sculptor with the access to shape sheet metal.

Vessels are a universally human need, the diversity of construction and use of vessels are almost limitless. A particular professional interest of mine has always been vessels and how they were made. Particularly vessels made from a single piece of material, and that is what we are tackling in this class.
How to raise a vessel from a single piece of metal using traditional hammering techniques.

We will cover vessel design, purpose, and decoration. However the focus of the course is specifically the efficient hammering technique and understanding the game of leverage needed to raise a vessel over shaping stakes. This is not sinking or dishing but true exploration of vessel construction over raising stakes.

What can you expect from this course and what you will need:

-Raising is very physical work, you’ll need to be fit enough to swing a 16 ounce hammer all day.
-This is a very good introduction to metal sculpting and will be suitable for all levels of metal workers.
-The material, shaping stakes, and raising/planishing hammers will all be provided.
-Hearing protection will be provided as this hammering is noisy work, however if you have your own more comfortable hearing protection you are welcome to bring it.

I could not live without this skill set, it literally crosses over into all of my sculptures. I started working with shaping stakes way before I even knew what chasing was and it is still the integral foundation for everything I make. I’m very excited to see how this will compliment your work and look forward to making some vessels with you!

WAITLISTS AVAILABLE: If a class is full, please email to be put on the waitlist. Thank you!

May 21-23, 2024

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