Tool Embellishment

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The Tool Embellishment Workshop should be a lot of fun, we’re going to chase on tools of all kinds (they will need to be annealed though). This will entail a combination of cutting and chasing chisels.

If you’ve been waiting to work with chisels that cut before moving over to finishing work this will be a great fit for you.

You will need a tool you want to add detail too. It’s better if you forged the tool yourself so that you understand what you are working with more completely. You will need to bring to tool annealed. It will be easier to chase on if the area you intend to chase is already flat and smooth. Pitted surfaces can make a challenging surface to cut with chisels, it can also hide small bits of slag or carbon from forging that can damage a cutting chisel. So making sure your surface is prepared properly is paramount.

The tool could be a hammer, a larger chisel, tongs, a pair of dividers, you name it. As long as it can be held by a pitch bowl we should be able to trick it out.

Let’s make the things we use everyday bring ourselves more joy and irresistible to touch!

If you would like to attend but cannot forge your own tool and don’t have what you need to anneal a tool properly please let me know. I will prepare a few extra options for those who don’t have a forging background but still wish to cut and chase on some tooling.


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