Happy Holidays from Metal Arts Academy!

We understand that this year things are a little different for everyone. We, meaning all of us!, are not able to be together as in years past, we aren't going to our usual festive events like before, and we are not out in the crowds searching for "just the right gift". Yet, we still want to share in the joy of the holidays by connecting with our families and friends through phone calls, zoom calls, cards, letters and any other way you can reach out. We also want to give gifts to our people! Here at MAA, we have had such an amazing gift given to us...we have had the chance to meet and work with such incredible artists who each offer their own unique work to the world. Handmade gifts made by artists in our community and beyond. This page is dedicated to them. It is a place to offer an alternative to going to the Mall, which may be closed! It is an opportunity to buy Local and help support a small business person who pours their love into their work. All purchases will be made directly with the artist. We are only here to show you there is a world of art out there waiting to be found! Enjoy the Holidays with your people wherever you are and stay healthy and stay safe! *PEACE*LOVE*ART

Rebecca and Michael

Lowenherz Leather....hand tooled leather purses and accessories

Heather Scott Art...Together we can bring more beauty and passion to the world by sharing art with one another.

Suzanne Himmler....jewelry artist

Emerald Barkley....watercolor painter...bakery enthusiast

Art Dolls and Odd Things.....

Laura Bracken....Jewelry Artist

June Steckler.....call and response....painter

Vilina Hutter....Cloisonne artist

Joy Pilates.....helps you find your joy whatever your goals or current level of fitness and ability.

Lynette Masztakowski

Rayne Wolf Studio.....Eclectic gifts for the curious

Ana Veske......jewelry artist

Amber Montarbo.....jewelry artist